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Western Hills Ward July/August 2009 Newsletter

Divine guidance comes to us in many ways. The Lord inspires Mormon to write scripture, then President Monson to quote him in the Conference, then our bishopric to choose that talk for the fourth Sunday lesson, then the teacher to quote that scripture for you to hear. This is a wonderful
and important way to hear the voice of the Lord in our lives. However, there is another way in which the Holy Ghost tells you something directly. Our presidency message this month is to cultivate this way of receiving direction, and to let the guidance of the Holy Ghost define our lives. We challenge all of us to earnestly ask for guidance, and then to do what we are guided to do.
From Sheri L. Dew, “We Are Not Alone,” Ensign, Nov 1998, 94
Nephi taught this: “If ye will … receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do” (2 Ne. 32:5). What a remarkable privilege and promise! . . . Lorenzo Snow said that it is the “grand privilege of every Latter-day Saint … to have the manifestations of the spirit every day of our lives … [so] that we may know the light, and not be groveling continually in the dark” (in Conference Report, April 1899, 52).

Thursday, August 20th at 6:30 pm is ENRICHMENT NIGHT. It will be an evening of Practical Spiritual Application. We will be having discussions on “Understanding and Living Your Patriarchal Blessing,” by Bishop Cybulski; “Helping You and Your Children get the most out of Sacrament Meeting,” by Barb Erksine; “Raising Spiritually Minded Children,” by Tricia Evanson; and “Meaningful Prayers” by Debbie Hargis. Dessert will be provided afterwards. Questions? Contact Kelly Paulson or Laura Woestman
A nursery will be provided for those who do not have child care available. Be sure to feed your children ahead of time and RSVP to Stephanie Ward so she will know you are bringing your children.

Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to attend the RS General Broadcast for women from the Salt Lake Conference Center on Saturday, September 26th. The conference will be broadcast to the Stake Center in the Liberty/West Chester building at 8pm. Prior to the broadcast at 6pm will be an evening of music, fellowship and inspiration - The Song of the Righteous, D&C 25:12. Each ward will be presenting music. Appetizers and desserts will be provided. We would like all the sisters to attend and invite all sisters to perform in our Ward Relief Society choir. Questions? Contact Tricia, Rebecca, or Laura.


July 31 Ward Campout
August 2 Relief Society Presidency Instruction
August 9 Joseph Smith, Chapter 38, The Wentworth Letter
August 16 Joseph Smith, Chapter 39, Relief Society: Divine Organization of Women
August 20 Enrichment Night, 6:30, Desserts, Practical Spiritual Application
August 23 Our Father’s Plan—Big Enough for All His Children, Quentin L. Cook
August 29 Stake Conference, 4 pm Leadership, 7 pm Adult Session
August 30 Stake Conference Sunday Session at Montgomery Stake Center, time 9 am.
September 26 6 pm Music/fellowship/inspiration, 8 pm RS General Broadcast, Liberty

Relief Society Enrichment Groups - as of June 14th 2009
Group Leader(s) Day/Time Brief description Next Event

Local Places of Interest -- Karen Harsh & Toni McElwain
Meets about 3 times/ year, Visits places around Cincinnati area.
Last Visit - Taft Museum, Next visit - TBA

Girl's Night Out --Lynn Helmers
Meets every other month, Does "girly" activities together, TBA

Yoga -- HsinYi Ward Weekly - Thursdays starting August 13 for 10 weeks except August 20 (RS Enrichment), 7:30pm at Church

Young Mother's Play Group -- Kelly Paulson Every other Friday -
9:30-11am @ varies places during summer play group for young children
July 17, July 31, August 14

Drama --Lori Rich acting ?

Food Storage -- Jean Wimmer & HsinYi Ward
Most contact thru email and sign-up sheets.
Each month organizes an order for a couple of items
thru Emergency Essentials. Also has a theme/ goal
for each month like canning, planting, etc.

Temple Trip --Des Steffen, Monthly - dates change

Reading-- Kelly Paulson Monthly - dates change TBA

Walking Group-- Toni McElwain & Chris Stalbuam
Tuesday Evenings during YMYW, Walk around building
area during YMYW Beginning May 19th

Craft / Scrapbooking --Melissa Sullivan ? ?

Ladies Luncheon --Barb Erskine Meets monthly - usually second Thursday
@ noon, Meets for lunch and socializing - sometimes at restaurant,
sometimes at a home. Taking Summer off. September 10th next date

Gospel Study Group --Rachel Vaughn and Liz Hall
Monthly - Thursday nights 7pm @ church Discuss gospel topics
using scripture, general conference talks, etc First class - June 25th

Cooking Group -- Tricia Evanson and Rebecca Brown
Thursday afternoons @ church @ 3:30?
Bring a 9 X 13 pan and learn to prepare a "gourmet" dish -
which you will take home to bake/cook for your family's dinner
RSVP Mandatory

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