Saturday, June 27, 2009

July 1st @ 3:00pm Cooking Club

Italian Tomato Cream Sauce with Fresh Basil Pasta
Salad of Choice

Presented by Rachel Vaughn

For the Sauce:
28 oz can crushed tomatoes (or equiv. of fresh tomatoes)
One bunch fresh Basil
One medium Onion
4-6 cloves of Garlic
One box Penne pasta (rachel recommends barilla brand for al dente)
One small carton of heavy whipping cream
One block of parmesan cheese (not pre grated)
Optional: italian sausage, pre cooked
Olive Oil- rachel to provide
Sea Salt- rachel to provide
Sugar - rachel to provide

For the Salad:
Mixed Greens
Vegtables you like in salads


Danielle said...

I'll be there!

Joan Richards said...

I would love to come but have to be at the Freedom Center on Weds. Is it possible Rachel could post some directions with the ingredients?

VaughnFam said...

The tools you will need are:
1. A pot for boiling pasta (or you may want to wait and boil your pasta at home right before serving)
2. A large skillet or a medium sized saucepan *with lid to make the sauce in.
3. A knife for cutting the onion. (I will bring my garlic press but if you have one you can bring it.)
4. A cutting board
5. A bowl to put your salad in.
6. A wooden spoon
I think that's it!
***If you bring fresh tomatoes please bring them peeled, seeded and chopped. If you don't know how to do this or want to make it part of the group prep., we can do it at the church - I don't think it will take very long.
I will post directions on Wednesday night - it will all be fresh in my mind since we will have just done it!